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Great Music for the Good Life

The new 98.7 The Cove plays soft, relaxing favorites from the five decades for Lake of the Ozarks. We mix soft oldies with adult contemporary favorites from artists like Elton John, Billy Joel, The Carpenters, Neil Diamond, and Celine Dion. Then we mix in contemporary American songbook standards from artists like Rod Stewart, Tony Bennett, and Bette Midler. Easy to listen to all day long, on-air, online, or on the go, this is Great Music for the Good Life.

On-Air, Online, On The Go

FM Radio

FM Radio

In the car, on the boat, at home, or at work. The new 98.7 The Cove is soft, relaxing favorites on your FM Radio in beautiful sounding stereo.98.7 The Cove is playing Great Music for the Good Life.

Mobile & Digital

Mobile, Online, On The Go

If you're listening on your phone, desktop, laptop, or tablet you'll hear Soft, Relaxing Favorites in high definition stereo. It's Great Music for the Good Life on the new 98.7 The Cove, Soft, Relaxing Favorites 24/7.

HD Radio

HD Radio

If you have a HD Radio at home or in your car, you'll find soft, relaxing favorites on FM 93.5 HD-4. You'll hear 98.7 The Cove playing Great Music for the Good Life in beautiful high definition stereo. If you don't have HD, give us a call and we'll tell you how to get one.