Tue. Jun 25th, 2024


John “The Rogger”

John has been at the Lake since he was a kid and always enjoyed his jet ski, boating and super “Yacht Rock” lifestyle.
He’s been with Viper since he started as an intern back in 2006, and hasn’t looked back since.
John use to host the Ozarks Today & NASCAR FRIDAYS shows on our sister station News/Talk KRMS and is still a news anchor in the afternoons.
Now you get to wake up to him every morning on The Cove playing your favorite music! Well…not every morning, but you get the picture.
If something is happening at the Lake, John will let you know and he’s always ready to give a shoutout…so follow him on social media @johntherogger and enjoy!

Dave Boldt

Dave began life as a surprise. Apparently, an unexpected one – but then, aren’t ALL surprises unexpected?
His mother was undergoing a routine x-ray in an attempt to diagnose some stomach discomfort she’d been experiencing, when, lo and behold . . . there he was, probably making shadow puppets on the x-ray screen.
Yes, that’s right – blasted with radiation before even leaving the womb. Explains a LOT, doesn't it?
Dave's dream was always to pursue a career in radio broadcasting. He started in 1981 at a hits station in Silsbee, Texas (picture Green Acres meets The Twilight Zone). He moved on to radio stations in Houston, and Dallas, Texas. Today he enjoys playing great music and taking care of his listeners on 98.7 The Cove!

Yacht Rock Radio:

Saturdays from 6-8PM

Climb aboard with Captain Adam Ritz and get ready to cruise thru the cool sounds of the late 70’s and early 80’s COMMERCIAL FREE! Adam is a 25-year veteran of radio and tv and he loves playing the songs that perfectly fit your boat while you cruise the Lake of the Ozarks. Find out more at here